Gorgasm (1990)

Rating: N/A

Dir: Hugh Gallagher
Star: Gabriela, Rik Billock, Paula Hendricks, Paula Gallagher

[9] After a man is found murdered and the entire police force is too busy to investigate, the case is assigned to desk detective Chase (Billock). Soon he’s delving into the world of porn videos after discovering an ad for ‘Gorgasm’ in the dead man’s house. The murderer turns out to be Tara (Gabriela), the wacked-out bitch in the Gorgasm ad and soon Chase is trying to find her while she goes about, killing men, in various states of undress.

The film (actually it’s shot on video) isn’t quite as exciting as the synopsis sounds. It is a fun “bad” film loaded with cheesy gore, the topless Gabriela and some bad acting – as a “real” film, this one has some good ideas, just doesn’t execute them well. But taken on the level that Hugh Gallagher (publisher of the ‘zine Draculina) had the guts to make a film despite having no money or stars, I’d say he did quite well: it’s a big improvement over his first venture into film-making with the dull Dead Silence. (DP)