Dir: Alan Spencer
Star: Claudia Christian, Arye Gross, Michael E. Knight, Adrienne Shelly

A slight, frothy little movie, that seems to be trying to parody Basic Instinct and other erotic thrillers, but never quite gets there, though with a few decent laughs on the way. The major selling point is Babylon-5 babe Christian playing psychotic supermodel Hexina, whom hotel clerk Gross talks into bed, only to discover her murderous side. Christian is pretty decent, but in terms of nekkid space tottie...hmmm, I scent a body double at play, even though this predates her rise to fame. It held my attention for an hour or so, then I found myself more interested in watching Chelsea grind out a 2-0 win over Slovan Bratislava, which pretty much sums up my feelings about the film. After a while, it forgets that it's supposed to be a comedy, and stops delivering any real jokes; the end result is probably highly watchable for Claudia fans, but isn't especially memorable for the rest of us.


Hexed, vexed and over-sexed
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