Night Sun

[a.k.a. Il Sole anche di notte]
Dir: The Brothers Taviani
Star: Julian Sands, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Massimo Bonetti, Nastassja Kinski

Nastassja's latest movie confirms her post-"Revolution" retreat from Hollywood, with another classy French-German-Italian co-production. Also starring Sands (dubbed into Italian), the first third is the part of most interest to Kinski-watchers as she plays the woman who causes Sands to enter a monastery. The rest of the film deals with his struggle to achieve peace and tranquility in the face of all that fortune can hurl at him, as despite his efforts he becomes a living saint. Art-house fodder, certainly, and while more Kinski and less clothes might have helped, it's another film she needn't be ashamed of and should help her commercial rehabilitation.


The sun always shines on NK
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