Lucky Seven 1 + 2

Dir: Chao Chen Kuo
Star: Pin Chin, Jung Fang, Yukari Oshima

[14] Which bit of The Toxic Avenger did you enjoy most? If you answered "the scene where the kid gets run over", a) you're obviously a sick puppy after my own heart, b) you've not got the British cut-to-shreds version and c) I'd heartily recommend these two martial arts films to you, as they feature a wonderful variety of child abuse. The plots are perfunctory - the first has a gang of children taking on jewel robbers, in the second they face kidnappers - but the staggering kid-fu will warm the heart of anyone who hs ever wanted to throttle a brat. How part one got a release here, I don't know - if Esther 'Teenage Suicide - Don't Do It' Rantzen saw it, she'd choke on her halo and while the sequel is not as nicely brutal, relying slightly more on childish (though funny) humour, it does have Oshima being bad.

B and B-

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