The Barbarian Women

[a.k.a. Battle of the Amazons]
Dir: Al Bradley
Star: Lincoln Tate, Lucretia Love, Paola Tedesco, Mirta Miller

[5] 'Compared with the Barbarian Women of the Middle Ages, the Amazons of ancient Greece were as horrific as the vestal virgins!! The blood flows in torrents as the result of savagery beyond belief. Orgies of rape & torture, their cruelty has no boundaries. These barbarous and beautiful women will both excite the animal in you and chill your blood to freezing!!' This blurb is wrong in every important aspect and several unimportant ones. Not even as stupidly bad as the sequel, this is a Magnificent 7 rip-off, not quite rescued by some well staged fight scenes. Something of a disappointment.


Amazon Women who *should*
be on the moon
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