Angel II + III

Dir: Teresa Woo
Star: Moon Lee, Alex Fong, Elaine Lui, Ha Wan Loh

[11] Ok, we cocked up. In TC9, I claimed Iron Angels was the third in the Angel series. I was wrong, it's the first. And the best, as neither of the other two supply the same standard of manic slaughter. II is set in Thailand, and contains such delights as a brief documentary on the production of palm oil, wrapped round a plot where an old friend turns out to be planning to overthrow the government. There's a massive gun-battle at the end.

III has Moon Lee going undercover in a Thai terrorist group who specialise in suicide missions (I'd just wait for them to die out...). The main entertainment value is because 'undercover' means beating up a lot of people. Meanwhile, the rest of the team are getting involved in tedious sub-plots about kick-boxing. Three guesses what there is at the end. A clue: it's massive.


Angels of Destruction
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