Amityville II:
The Possession

Dir: Stuart Rosenburg & Damiano Damiani respectively
Star: James Brolin, Margot Kidder/James Olson, Burt Young

[4] The Lutz family move into their dream house, and all goes well until a series of bizarre events, climaxing in Lutz Sr. cracking up and attempting to kill his family (never have happened if they'd bought a Barratt home). Contains some good shocks and is supposedly based on fact - Rod Steiger puts in an appearance as a priest who discovers the house is evil.

The sequel, made in 1982, is actually a prequel, which tells the story of the previous occupants who weren't so lucky; their son is possessed by the house and shotguns his family to death, tho' not before the usual things happen (taps drip blood, spooky noises, etc). These all contribute to a film which is as good as, and perhaps slightly better than, the original, even if the climax is a rip-off of The Exorcist.

5/10 & 6/10

The REAL Amityville House
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