This will eventually be a complete list of Trash City movie reviews which are available online. Currently, these are just those included in the Film Blitz section, plus the addition of a few other ones taken from standalone pieces. This list will eventually grow to incorporate others, such as the Incredibly Bad Film Show, and will also incorporate non-TC reviews written especially for the web site. No anime reviews are included here: they will be the subject of a dedicated anime section...eventually.

It is important to put these reviews in their correct historical context: beside each, is a number indicating the issue of TC from which it was taken: no number indicates one exclusive to the Web. This will allow you to follow the gradual mutation of TC from a horror-zine into something... different. A lot of the early reviews are, frankly, crap, but I resisted the temptation to rewrite them (and history) though bear in mind, my opinions may have changed since -- in some cases, radically! [And WHO gave Robocop 2 9/10? It certainly wasn't me...] I have corrected the odd typo and factual error, but left the "naive charm" of the writing style intact.

To see the full reviews, simply click on a title. From each, you can then return to the main list, look at the next or previous review, or leap to any of a series of connected films -- these may be by the same director, star the same actor, or just have a common theme/attitude/style. These links are not systematic or consistent, to say the least!

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