Jason X

Dir: Jim Isaac
Starring: Lexa Doig, Lisa Ryder, Kane Hodder, Jonathan Potts

This may be the tenth in the series but, amazingly, it's the first Friday the 13th film I've seen in its entirety. [I didn't do the other review here!] There's a reason for that - my tolerance for slasher pics is infamously low - yet this is more fun than I expected. Hey, we're not talking great art, of course, and the opening half is largely a rip-off of the first two Alien films, despite a cameo from David Cronenberg. You do get the expected imaginative deaths, and a cringeworthy pun I'm pleased to report we came up with, 30 seconds before the film did.

Once the deadwood has been winnowed away by machete, supercooled liquid and auger, it gets more interesting, with two genuinely great sequences - though the second will largely be lost on a target audience who, in the main, were probably not even born when the original Ft13th came out. Lexa Doig as the de-frosted heroine, and Lisa Ryder (the inhuman killing machine who doesn't wear a hockey mask), make the most impression, along with Potts as the man who says wildly inaccurate things like, "Everything is under control" and "You'll be safe now". If there is a lot of untapped or underutilised potential - I'd have like to have heard more about the "Microsoft Wars" - it does enough to merit a glance on video, if not perhaps the cinema.


Let the bodies hit the floor
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