Kaiju Big Battel:
Mayhem in the Atrium III

Starring: Dr.Cube, Shadow Trooper, The Plantains, Space Bug

Firstly, don't worry if you've not seen I or II, this will not in any way impact on your enjoyment of III - but this may not be the best place to start your appreciation of the weirdness which is Kaiju. For a detailed explanation, and an interview with Kaiju commercial priest, you're referred to TC23, but in five words: WWF meets Japanese monster movies. Yes, it's guys in outlandish home-made costumes, fighting each other in wrestling bouts time. Can't help feeling that there's something been lost in the latest release from the House of Kaiju. Previously, the sense of wacky and weird pop culture was paramount, with spoof adverts and amusing intertitles that provided entertainment over and above that of seeing cardboard buildings get trampled underfoot. In MitA 3, the wrestling seems to be the focus, with lead heel Dr. Cube taking over the federation, amid the usual kind of shennanigans you get on any edition of RAW is WAR. Admittedly, for at least one fabulous bout, the quality there is up to the standards of the late, lamented ECW promotion, with tables, garbage cans and a balcony all used to good effect. But novices would be better served by going with Kaiju Big Battel: Best Fights for an authentic taste of insanity.


Non-stop violence!
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