Raped by an Angel

Dir: Andrew Lau
Star: Simon Yam, Chingmy Yau, Mark Cheng, Ng Suet-Man

Great exploito-title. Super cover. Severely disappointing film. Released here, after much time at the BBFC, as Naked Killer 2, but beyond Yam and Yau, forget it. Yau and her pal star in adverts for 'Fitty Milk' (I'm up for a pint, this being where the cover pic on the right comes from) which bring them to attention of rapist lawyer Cheng, who rapes Yau and kills her friend, yet has the legal nous to avoid prosecution. Naturally, this only leaves Yau and triad man Yam to take their own revenge. Unfortunately, it takes 45 minutes of dull chit-chat to get to the stage where the interesting i.e. vicious or lingerie-clad stuff begins to kick in, and you just don't care. The first half was so exciting, that I got distracted by a discussion over whether an expert on anime needs to speak Japanese or not. I can forgive many things in a Cat.III film; but boredom is not one of them.


Anyone for some Fitty Milk?
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