Spike and Mike's Sick & Twisted Animation Show 1998 (various artists) - Tempe, Arizona, 4th of March 1998

This American Ambassador is writing to inform her European and American fans of Trash City that there is life outside of the pub and strip clubs. That out there you will find what you are looking for. That there is meaning to our dull and dreary existences. And we can find this in trying to put reason or rhyme behind what I just witnessed tonight.

Anyone with a penchant for the sick and twisted, the rude and the offensive will certainly have their needs satisfied after witnessing the Animation Festival I just attended in the small dreary little college town of Tempe Arizona, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Cardinals, the Rattlers and the Coyotes.. And now the dwelling for the next 10 days of Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Animation Festival..

Let's start with the announcement.. "Anyone who is offended by sick, twisted, rude and offensive material can just get the fuck out and we will be happy to give you a refund"

In the meanwhile, let's take a peek at what we saw tonight, that might have been misconstrued as such by some -- or should I say most? I have never laughed so hard in my life. 24 short cartoons were shown depicting everything from "A to Zits" including such delights as: bestiality, pedophilia, gaseous bodily functions, oral sex, religious offenses. and full penetration (shown for the first time here) along with a South Park episode on the big screen that will stay in my mind forever.

All the cartoons were 5 minutes or less with a 15 minute intermission And although there were a couple of shorts that were extraordinarily offensive (and I mean "gagging to death"), they were mostly very funny and entertaining and I recommend Spike and Mike to anyone who is not:

Following are short synopses of the cartoons shown on this tour: I had to get the T-Shirt and bought a couple of the videos they had on sale. Discussed animation politics with the Em-Cee who politely told me that Wallace and Gromit were very big in England and did I know that? (no-duh) But all in all a worthwhile effort and one of the most memorable times I have had in a long time, with the exclusion of the time I almost forgot to "mind the bottle" in London. But that is another story...

[Chris Fata]

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