Film Gore

Dir: Various

[10] A vaguely interesting but largely pointless collection of film clips, hosted by the cultish but rather boring Elvira. The films are variously gory but yawn inducingly dull (Blood Feast), ungory but nasty and even scary (Texas Chainsaw), gory and effective (Driller Killer), totally ungory and totally boring (Dr. Jekyll's Dungeon of Doom) and a bit gory but barely interesting (Astrozombies). Put together by Ken Dixon, who later followed this with Zombiethon (containing the same Astrozombies footage and music), this was one of the first compilation tapes in America, soon to be followed by Best of Sex and Violence and other cut 'n' paste videos. Elvira is far from being a highlight - she constantly interrupts the clips offering offensively unfunny jokes, remarks and puns. Load in, press play and keep your finger ready for fast forwards. (AM)

Gore Violation
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