Queen's High

Dir: Chris Lee Kin Sang
Star: Cynthia Khan, Simon Yam, Newton Lai, Shum Wai

Cynthia Khan is a gangster's daughter, whose wedding is rudely interrupted by the massacre of her family by another gang.

Plot summary: revenge.

Such a story can be forgiven when it's delivered with such over-the-top panache. Cynthia Khan in full flow, wearing a virgin white wedding dress and spraying automatic gunfire everywhere, is nearly a religious experience. This is fortunate, because up until then, it's been slow to the point of tedium. One wonders why they carefully built up the other characters, only to casually blown away in a five-minute spell. The second half is markedly better, in a "you killed just about all my relations and are CERTAINLY going to pay" fashion as Cynthia wears knee-length boots and wipes the floor with the opposition. For once, the music is not ripped off from anywhere else (Eastern films, Western films, Jean-Michael Jarre) and is very simple and effective. First half E, second half B+, wedding sequence A+, overall, oh, let's say...


The Bride v0.1
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