Dir: Hubert Frank
Star: Anne Parillaud, Sascha Hehn, Brigitte Stein, Jose Luis de Villalonga

[14] What is this, Anne Parillaud Day? After one film starring her, and two inspired by Nikita, here's another AP movie. The director sounds like he's a Jess Franco pseudonym, but I'm sure this isn't the case as the film is mildly amusing and technically competent. It's about the daughter of an industrial tycoon who runs away to see the world, in search of excitement, adventure and...opportunities to get her kit off. Yep, we finally get to the point, though the interest value is diminished slightly by Innocent Blood already providing a good dose of le goodies. But the young Miss P was undeniably cute, and the film is light and fluffy with some funny moments, such as when she takes refuge in a seminary. And if you understand German, you might get some of the verbal jokes too... Winner of this issue's award for Best Film in a totally Foreign Language.


La femme Patricia
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