Dir: Stephane Ambiel
Star: Denis Mazet, Antonio, Tif, Olivier Page

[2] - A load of crap. Literally. "A day in the life of a French public toilet". We have drug addicts, trans-sexual nuns and any number of sleazy low-lives. Fortunately, it was only ten minutes long so there's not a lot I can say about it, and I'm sure you don't really want me to...

Toilet humour
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  • Er... Look: it's 17:52 on a Friday evening, and it's is the last film I've got to link this week. Now, I could spend ages trying to find some other things that bore a vague resemblance to this never-seen-since short, but...well, I think the chances of anyone even bothering to read this review are slightly limited. Drop me a line if you have stumbled across it. Then go out and get a life... ;-)
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