Living Doll

Dir: Peter Litten & George Dugdale
Star: Mark Jax, Katie Orgill, Gary Martin, Freddie Earlle

[6] A classic case of a nice idea foiled by poor direction and a pedestrian script, despite valiant acting. Mark Jax plays a morgue worker who worships a flower seller from afar - when she's killed in an accident, he flips and steals her corpse, believing her to be suffering from a form of catalepsy. He dresses the body up, talks to and eventually 'marries' her; then she starts to talk back. Sort of "live fast, die young and love a pretty corpse". Too tastefully done, skirting all the details you really want to know; the highly-average direction overpowers Jax's neatly underplayed necrophile and the occasional frisson.


Night of the Living Debbies
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